SugarBare Sugaring and Wax Studio

Come experience the sweet side of smooth!


Every girl needs her SUGAR!

Sugaring for Her

  • Brazilian $45                       
  • Bikini $35
  • Full Legs $80/100(first time)
  • Half Legs $50/65  (first time)
  • Eyebrows $20                

     Full Arms $45

  • Half Arms $30
  • Buttocks $25                    
  • Stomach $30

     Underarms $20              

  • Full Face $35                      
  • Chin $15
  • Lip $10
  • *Additi0nal Sugaring upon request

All of our sugaring services are offered for Men as well with a $10 upcharge

Body Services

JJ Facial $50
This is used to treat ingrowns and irritation in our most intimate area. All natural enzymes are used to soften the skin to help ease out ingrown hair and soften the skin.

Vagiderm $50
This is a microdermabrasion down under. This service will help reduce prolonged scarring and discoloration  caused from preexisting ingrown hairs and razor burn, and also leaves the skin silky smooth.

Vajazzle $15
 Beautiful Swarovski crystal designs just for your lady bits.

Spray tan $25
We use an all natural spray tan that will leave you with a bronzed even glow, as well moisturized skin. Our spray solution contains chamomile to soothe the skin, and is derived from tea leaves.